Sat, 29 Feb 2020
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No rights for Rohingya

This sounds weird but is a reality for Rohingyas. The Myanmar government in May 2013 ordered Rohingyas not to have more than two children to escape from Buddhist attacks on them. The measure has been enacted in Rakhine state following a proposal by a government appointed commission investigating deadly clashes in 2012 between Buddhists monks and Rohingya Muslims. Mobs of Buddhists armed with machetes razed thousands of Rohingya homes, leaving more than one hundred of people dead and forcing 125,000 to flee, mostly Rohingyas from violence."State officials said the two-child limit in the state of Rakhine would ease tensions between Buddhists and their Muslim Rohingya neig...


The Changing Security Concept in Obama Presidency

The National Security Strategy documents, which were released after September 11 2001, made radical changes in United States’ foreign policy. These strategies are not mere documents, each one is a discourse, showing how USA constitutes relations with its allies and what USA does against the states threatening its security. In order to understand USA’ foreign policy and security policy, the National Security Strategy documents should be analyzed hypercorrectly. USA is embodying the foundation of strategy processes by determining the national security objectives.In 2002, George W. Bush released a National Security Strategy. It was the first document in his presidancy. T...


Chinese Resetting

US President Barack Obama made an address to Congress on the evening of 26 January ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for autumn 2012. He dedicated most of his speech to economic issues. The state of the American economy is still alarming, and the measures that are being taken, according to analysts, only delay the collapse of the economy without solving the problem.War Is Not A SolutionWhile economists are arguing about ways to restore the faltering economy, political scientists are making predictions about possible actions of Washington. Among other measures, analysts do not exclude the use of an implicit method of overcoming the crisis by provoking a war or ...


Protesting for Burma in Cairo

‘Stop killing Muslims in Burma', 'The minority have the right to live', 'No to Racism', 'Close the Embassy' were the messages written in English and Arabic on placards in a protest held outside the Myanmar Embassy in Cairo on Wednesday.This protest, made by dozens of people, came as a response to the brutal massacre in Burma. "We should act against this massacre – not just feel sympathy, but do something to help them," said Shaimaa Maged, a lecturer at Cairo University, who organised the protest."With this protest, we want to press our government to cut relations with Myanmar, unless it stops the massacres against M...

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