Sat, 29 Feb 2020
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Strategic Outlook is a leading research organization and think-tank in Turkey, which publishes exclusively in English. Our staff and contributors provide innovative news and analysis on the latest on global and regional issues. SO’s authors and researchers come from a variety of countries in Middle East, the Caucasus, Russia, Middle Asia, Europe, Africa and East Asia giving our institution a truly global perspective. SO welcomes submission of analytical and scientific Policy Briefs from researches and practitioners on international and regional security, energy security, environmental problems, conflicts, terrorism, international/regional economic issues, domestic policy, ethnic and social problems, etc.
* Language of Policy Brief is “English” only;
* Policy Brief is supposed to be short analytical papers with between 1500-1700 words, Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1.5 space and include followings: Background (200 words max.), Analysis (1200 words max.) and Conclusion (300 words max.); While referring please use the hyperlink citation, but not footnote/endnote;
* Policy Brief should address clear research question; be well-explained, as it will consume our time while editing; focus on exact problem without going out of the topic; avoid jargons and unethical expressions. While using terms in a language other than English (ex. French, Russian, Latin) within text, please use Italic style; acronyms should be clarified in advance;
* Policy Brief is supposed to be original work, fact-based, but not repetitive, objective; not descriptive, but analytical;
* In the conclusion author should offer relevant recommendations on how to solve or address the problem, as it will contribute to better understanding of readers and subject-interested experts;
* Policy Brief, after passing academic & plagiarism supervision, proofreading, will be published in between 7-10 days in a pdf format with special edition [!].
* Policy Brief should be documented in a "Word" file titled as "Policy Brief_Name_SURNAME" and submitted by e-mail to with “Policy Brief_SURNAME/Name” in the subject line;
* While sending your submission by e-mail, please also attach your very short biography (with regular e-mail) and recent photo;
* Please kindly note that, Strategic Outlook does not undertake remuneration for submission, as it is purely contributive and aimed at voluntarily addressing the international and regional problems from academic perspective;
Address: Yazır Mah., Alım Sok., Akasya Evleri, A Blok 12.7, Selcuklu, Konya, Turkey
Tel : +90 332 223 31 02
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