Fri, 28 Feb 2020
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About Strategic Outlook (SO)

Founded: 2011

Strategic Outlook is a leading research organization and think-tank in Turkey which publishes exclusively in English. Our staff provide innovative news and analysis on the latest on global and regional issues. SO’s authors and researchers come from a variety of countries in Middle East, the Caucasus, Russia, Middle Asia, Europe, Africa and East Asia giving our institution a truly global perspective. Our experts of Strategic Outlook have worked for a variety of international media, academic institutions, NGOs and government agencies.

In the 21th Century, our present era of globalization, means that all research has global connotations. Our goal is to provide “Strategic Knowledge” for the followers of International Affairs. In order to exchange opinions on global issues relevant to our time the organization “Strategic Outlook” was founded in 2011.

Key to the objectives of SO is to provide a forum where journalists, regional experts, public policy makers, researchers and authors with in the world international affairs can exchange their views. SO seeks to promote a blend of both traditional and modern research tools. We strive to promote both investigative journalism and methodical scholarly research, as well as 21st century methods such as social media and multimedia sharing. With these objectives in mind, SO seeks to recruit journalists and researchers from around the world who share our common aim.

Our Aims

- Our principles based on investigative journalism, methodical researches and multimedia sharing

- To share all publications with think tanks, media organs and universities.

- To create collaborative efforts between researchers and research/information centers all around the world.

- To research without any discrimination towards religion, race, class, gender, age, nation or other social markers.

- To promote regional and global unity through the gathering of different researchers, experts, journalists and producers.

Our Work Includes:

- Weekly articles and analyses

- Monthly reports

- Multimedia sharing

- Powerpoint and other presentation files

- Social media activities

- Seminars, conferences and meetings

- Almanac

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